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San Diego Padres Spring Training Schedule

By SD Padres Baseball Tickets Staff Writer: R. Murray

SD Padres Spring Training Tickets: has great tickets to every game. Cross off one of your bucket list items and travel to see your Padres baseball team this Spring. There are so many options for games, you'll have to pick a few! It's a great chance to get close to the players and enjoy some sun!


SD Padres Spring Training Schedule: 

Feb. 22 1:05 p.m. Seattle at Peoria

Feb. 23 1:05 p.m. Seattle at Peoria

Feb. 24 1:05 p.m. Seattle atPeoria
Feb. 25 1:05 p.m. Milwaukee at Maryvale
Feb. 26 1:05 p.m. Cincinnati at Peoria
Feb. 27 1:05 p.m. Colorado at Peoria
Feb. 27 1:05 p.m. Oakland at Phoneix
Feb. 28 1:05 p.m. Kansas City at Peoria
March 1 1:05 p.m. LA Dodgers at Glendale
March 2 1:05 p.m. Cleveland at Goodyear
March 3 1:05 p.m. White Sox at Peoria
March 4 1:10 p.m. Texas at Surprise
March 5 1:05 p.m. LA Dodgers at Peoria
March 6 OFF DAY
March 7 1:05 p.m. LA Angels at Peoria
March 8 1:05 p.m. White Sox at Glendale
March 9 1:05 p.m. Texas at Peoria
March 10 1:05 p.m. Cubs at Mesa
March 11 1:05 p.m. Oakland at Peoria
March 12 1:05 p.m. San Francisco at Scottsdale
March 13 1:05 p.m. LA Angels at Peoria
March 14 7:05 p.m. WBC at Tucson
March 151:05 p.m. LA Dodgers at Peoria
March 15 1:05 p.m. Kansas City at Surprise
March 16 1:05 p.m. Arizona at Peoria
March 17 1:05 p.m. LA Angels at Tempe
March 18 1:05 p.m. Cubs at Peoria
March 19 1:10 p.m. Arizona at Scottsdale
March 20 1:05 p.m. San Francisco at Peoria
March 21 OFF DAY
March 22 7:05 p.m. Seattle at Peoria
March 23 7:10 p.m. Colorado at Scottsdale
March 24 1:05 p.m. Milwaukee at Peoria
March 25 1:05 p.m. Texas at Peoria
March 26 1:05 p.m. San Francisco at Scottsdale
March 27 1:05 p.m. Cincinnati at Goodyear
March 28 12:05 p.m. Cleveland at Peoria
March 29 7:05 p.m. Texas at Alamodome
March 30 1:05 p.m. Texas at Alamodome 

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